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Fighting for the rights and freedoms of Canadians\n\n[/cs_content_seo][cs_element_gap _id=”8″ ][/cs_element_layout_cell][cs_element_layout_cell _id=”9″ ][/cs_element_layout_cell][/cs_element_layout_grid][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”10″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”11″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”12″ ][cs_element_content_area _id=”13″ ][cs_content_seo]Vision
A free society where governments uphold human dignity by respecting fundamental rights and freedoms, and where Canadians can realize their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

To defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”14″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”15″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”16″ ][x_image type=”none” src=”17847:full” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][/cs_element_layout_column][cs_element_layout_column _id=”18″ ][cs_element_content_area _id=”19″ ][cs_content_seo]The Justice Centre’s beliefs:
We believe that every Canadian should be treated equally by governments and by the courts, regardless of race, ancestry, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, political conviction or personal characteristics;
We believe that all Canadians should be free to express peacefully their thoughts, opinions and beliefs without fear of censorship, persecution or oppression, as per Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
We believe that all Canadians must be free to practice and share their religious beliefs and to live out their lives according to their individual conscience, without hindrance or harm from government, and that government should not favour belief or non-belief.
We believe that parents have both the responsibility and the right to raise and educate their own children as parents deem in the best interest of their children.
We believe that all Canadians have the right to associate freely with other people, to pursue common interests and goals through voluntary associations which are a source of societal strength;
We believe the ability of the news media to gather and disseminate information, independent of government control and interference, is necessary for the functioning of a free and democratic society.
We believe this same freedom is also the foundation of higher learning and education.
We believe all Canadians have the right to self-determination to make fundamental life choices for themselves and their children as free and responsible members of society, as protected under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
We believe Canadians have the freedom to gather together publicly and peacefully to express, promote, pursue and defend their common interests. This includes the freedom of Canadians to peaceful protest and demonstrations on public property.
We believe every Canadian has a responsibility to recognize, protect, and preserve their human rights and Constitutional Freedoms.\n\n[/cs_content_seo][/cs_element_layout_column][/cs_element_layout_row][/cs_element_section][cs_element_section _id=”20″ ][cs_element_layout_row _id=”21″ ][cs_element_layout_column _id=”22″ ][cs_element_content_area _id=”23″ ][cs_content_seo]Code of Conduct

We rigorously apply professional standards in our litigation, research, education, campaigns and events and always strive for accuracy and honesty;
The JCCF is funded entirely from voluntary contributions and does not accept any funding from government;
The JCCF is independent of all partisan, institutional and religious affiliations;
We seek to work cooperatively with other organizations to promote Canada as a free society;
We take seriously the privacy of our donors. Any personal information is stored using secure technology. We do not, under any circumstances publish, disclose, sell, exchange, or give away personal information which we have received from donors;
We treat our employees and contractors respectfully and fairly at all times.
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