2021 Essay Contest – The Promise Of Freedom

Essay Question: Should citizens who refuse to get vaccinated have the same rights and freedoms as those who do get vaccinated?

1st Place

Soren Lock

Title: The Promise Of Freedom

Written by: Soren Lock

“This sense of freedom sounds great, but it also causes anxiety because this unbridled freedom hampers people’s safety.” Rev. Geoffrey Angeles, when asked about his thoughts on Manitoba’s reduced Covid-19 restrictions, expressed his desire to keep his parishioners safe, even if it meant implementing more stringent restrictions than the government required. It appears that Rev. Angeles, in this situation at least, believes that greater freedom means lesser safety. Yet, it is freedom that has made our societies as safe as they are – the freest nations in the world have ended mass poverty, extended average lifespans, and created greater prosperity, for themselves and for others. Around the world, personal freedom is positively correlated with security, social capital, and personal health.

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