Visits allowed by government, but left to the discretion of each care home

Thank you for sending letters to Ontario decision makers about the cruel and inhumane handling of the long term care lockout for caregivers.

This week government decided to implement outside visits, however this is a decision made by each home. As my Mom is under a specific hospital’s directives we continue to be locked out. The only answer I am getting for when I can see her is hopefully soon.

An outside visit would be very difficult for my mother as she has difficulty hearing, as well as dementia which continues to progress. A barrier between us as well as a 6 foot separation will not be any more useful than the window visits were.

I cannot express in words the depression, frustration and anger I am feeling at the moment. Sleepless nights, multiple phone calls from my Mom continue to consume my day.

We need to get in there to spend their days with our loved ones.

I have written everyone I can think of, board of directors at the care facility, Director of Veterans Care, government, ministries, local MPs. I am at a loss of to do next.

Margaret S.