What can people do about these government restrictions?


Educate yourself and others. Share the articles, news releases, Covid Statistics by Province, The Docket newsletter, and other documents on the Resources page of our website with your neighbours, friends, family members and colleagues.

Share our Brochure: The Deadly Cost of Lockdowns


The Justice Centre is looking for volunteers to distribute a new brochure The Deadly Cost of Lockdowns to inform Canadians about their Charter rights and freedoms in the context of the lockdowns. Contact us to volunteer if you want to distribute hard copies.

Get Involved


Contact your provincial MPP/MLA, your federal MP, and your city councillor, and tell them to stop violating your Charter rights and freedoms.

Write letters to the media and state your opinions and thoughts. Point out inaccurate or misleading coverage and unnecessary fearmongering.

Responsibly exercise your Charter freedoms of expression, religion, association and peaceful assembly, as your conscience and beliefs dictate. Continue to exercise your right to peacefully protest. Exercising your Charter freedoms may mean risking large fines. If you receive a fine or ticket for peacefully exercising your Charter freedoms, contact the Justice Centre about obtaining legal representation.

Donate to the Justice Centre to support our court actions against the governments of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC pertaining to lockdowns, as well as our ongoing efforts to protect freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, and freedom of though and belief. We are a registered charity and issue official tax receipts.

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